STAGE à KIEV LES  05 & 06 DECEMBRE 2015.


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Quelques impressions du stage :

– The impressions form Kostya:

During the seminar I have found out a new level of hips motion’s control and usage of lowering of center of gravity. And I was impressed with the Sensei’s concentration on the seminar, ability to keep the attention of students and involve in learning process. After the seminar I felt the infinite energetic potential and desire to keep on working charged by Sensei’s positive mind and energy. I feel that my world view is changing.

from Eugene (

As usual on Jacques Muguruza’s Sensei seminars I have found out a lot of new things and got new motivation for further trainings.

Dima :
Sensei gives me a good example on how to move and behave freely even in hard circumstances being attacked at the tatami or in real life.

From Anton :

“For me each seminar with Muguruza Sensei is always a memorable event. Each time something new is opened and this time was not an exception. This seminar was full of information on technical moments but on attitude to technique and partner mostly. I was impressed how the man can be relaxed and effective at the same time. “The way to become effective is more important than the effectiveness itself”. After the seminar with Sensei the way to train is changing, the old mistakes are reviewed and you get the new inspiration to train Aikido in such way.”

P.S Comparing the impressions I mentioned that each of them is absolutely different. Maybe each person takes what he/she feels like being missing from the same words.



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